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May 22nd, 2012

Certificates, Congratulation Letters, Prizes, Gifts, and Surprises

After the work was done, Mr. Metzner presented me with the official certificate. A congratulation letter from the GreenBay was also presented. I got some fabulous prizes! Here are some examples — three bags, two water bottles, two notepads, two pens, some terraskin (paper made from rocks!!), and more! My parents said that I was spoiled!

The first Surprise was Broadway Tickets of Peter and the Starcatcher for my whole family!!

A big thank-you to Susan — Peter and the Starcatcher is one of my favorite books.

After a fine dinner, we went to see the show Peter and the Starcatchers in which Peter and Molly Aster try to prevent the starstuff from falling into Black Stache’s or Fighting Prawn’s (the enemies) hands. First, Peter and Molly set sail on a broken down ship — the Neverland, while the great starcatcher, Leonard Aster sets sail in the queen’s finest ship, the Wasp piloted by captain Scott and designed to sink the Sea Devil, the ship of the feared pirate in the world — Black Stache. When the Wasp is captured by the Sea Devil, Peter and Molly realize that the starstuff (a substance that makes you intelligent, have the power to fly and the ability to be very happy for a long time), which is supposed to be on the Wasp is on the Neverland and they need to destroy it before Black Stache finds it. Then Peter and Molly get separated on the island of the mollusks where another adventure begins … When they get on the island of mollusks, Peter finds Molly and Fighting Prawn, the leader of mollusks who wants to feed them to Mr. Grin, a huge alligator that has a big appetite for humans. When Black Stache arrives on the island, Peter beats him in a sword fight and the starstuff is destroyed. The show was absolutely humorous and funny. I laughed a lot. But, the book is even better. So if you have not read the book, you should borrow it from your library.



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Susan O from MA
June 13, 2012
at 9:11 am

So happy to hear you had a great trip Joshua! I couldn’t have been more thrilled that you had a blast!!! I’m eager to watch you grow up and save the world!!!