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May 10th, 2011

Working With Bart

Yesterday I met Jim Metzner and Bart Hopkin. I was filmed practically the whole day. Bart and Jim are crazy super nice. The first thing that we did was talk about sound and how different sizes and types of materials create different sounds. To demonstrate, Bart made a marimba out of pieces of wood and towels!

After that we planned what we were going to do to make my instrument. It is called the ” Spritzer Whizzer”. As you may have seen if you’ve read my earlier posts, my idea was to spray water into cans or cups and have the water drain back into the spray bottle. Once we were done planning we got to work. The first thing that we did was experiment with tin cans. We found cans that made a Do-Re-Mi scale but we needed to tune a few of them.You can learn how to tune the cans by reading one of my earlier posts. After we found the right cans we tried to figure out how to attach tubes. That was hard but Bart had some really good ideas like cutting the tubes at an angle and using epoxy glue to make sure that the water didn’t leak. Because we had to glue some of the tubes and they needed to dry, we thought that it would be a good time to go eat lunch. So we all (me, Bart, Jim, daddy, and Doug) hopped in a car and went to a deli.

When we finished lunch we went back to work. Now we needed to figure out how to mount it. Bart had the good idea to use pipes to hold up the cans and then velcro the spray bottles to the plank of wood. It really worked! We made the instrument in two pieces beacause it needed to be portable. One piece had Do, Re, Mi, and Fa. The other one had So, La, Ti, and high Do.

After that I had two interviews, one with the local newspaper in Pt. Reyes and one with the San Francisco Examiner, which we did using Skype.

We finished the instrument after the interviews and spent some time playing it. I tried to play Heart and Soul, and I didn’t have enough notes, but most of it worked. Bart played Ode to Joy.

Then my dad and I went back to our hotel to get cleaned up and meet the animals that lived in the farm part of the hotel at Inverness Valley Inn. After that, daddy, Bart, Jim, Doug and I went out for dinner. Yum! It was a great day.

I’ll have pictures or video and more information to share another time, but now we’re going to San Francisco.

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