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May 10th, 2011

Image of a Lithotroph

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Ms Kaplan from ca
May 11, 2011
at 10:07 am

Science 6. You are so awesome and Sona is fortunate to be in your class. Your homework for this week is to post one thoughtful question or comment after reading Sona’s project idea. This must be done by Friday, May 13. OMG, it’s Friday the 13th. Have fun!

Sierra Cullen Zane from CA
May 11, 2011
at 2:38 pm

Sona! I can’t believe you won this contest! I just read your paragraph on how you won. I wonder how much that other stuff -not the Magical Microbes- cost? Hmmm… Congratulations! I wonder if your idea is gonna work! Let’s hope! Crossing my fingers. How small is Lithotroph? Nice job Sona! See you later.

Sierra Cullen Zane

P.S. you have amazing vocabulary. By the way. :0. ;D

Sophia V from CA
May 11, 2011
at 4:10 pm

Hey Sona! I was wondering, what places do you think could use your idea the most?

Megan P from California
May 11, 2011
at 4:27 pm

Sona, it looks like a big leaf/bean/bug thingy.

km from california
May 11, 2011
at 6:29 pm

how would you modify the lithotroph to self destruct after their job is done?

kmcghie from california
May 11, 2011
at 6:29 pm

how would you modify the lithotroph to self destruct after their job is done?

JM from NY
May 11, 2011
at 10:10 pm

If you see that someone else has already asked the question you wanted to ask, please find another question. To save room for all the comments we’ve been getting, we’re not able to post multiple copies of the same question. Thanks!
Kids’ Science Challenge

hswasnson from CA
May 12, 2011
at 10:39 am

congrats on winning this contest Your paragraph on magical microbes was really cool.

Hmm from CaLIfORNIa
May 12, 2011
at 7:23 pm

Gee thanks Jim. -.- Hey hey Sona! Congrats! How did you learn so much about Magical Microbes? Your so smart. *sigh* The Microbes look funny. Teehee!

Jason L from California
May 12, 2011
at 9:02 pm

Hi Sona! Congraduations on winning! How would you control a Lithotroph to do the job? Thanks!

-Jason Leung =)

JB from CA
May 12, 2011
at 9:14 pm

HEY Sona, I really like your idea for your project.I wish I had brains like you to come up with great ideas like yours.

Julia B.

Jack Simpson :D from California
May 13, 2011
at 7:33 am

Hey Sona congratulations on your project! I can’t believe that you figured out all this stuff about microbes. Good luck working with the scientists!

LLA from CA
May 13, 2011
at 10:42 am

Hi Sona,
CONGRATULATIONS! Your idea sounds amazing. If it works it could be an amazing solution to one of the biggest problems in the world!

admin from
May 15, 2011
at 1:28 pm

We review all comments (except for those posted by our winners) to check for spam and inappropriate content.
if we receive duplicate comments, we will print one of them. it dilutes the page to have 20 kids posting essentially the same comment.


Maxi from ca
May 15, 2011
at 5:30 pm

Great job Sona, hope you succeed in your experiment.

LT from California
May 16, 2011
at 6:15 pm

Good Job! Hope your idea works.

Luke T