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March 29th, 2010

Tyrone Hutchinson

Tyrone Hutchinson, Sports On Mars Winner

How did you come up with your entry?
I like basketball and I thought about the magnetic soil on Mars.  My idea is a fusion of these two things.

Advice to kids entering next year’s challenge?
Think of something you like and watch all the videos on the Kids Science Challenge website.

Favorite Sports: Basketball, kick ball and dodgeball.

My award-winning idea: My idea for a game is called magnetic soil ball. The equipment you will need is a magnet ball, golden astronaut suits, basketball hoops, with buckets and a helmet to protect your face. The object of the game is to get a magnetic ball and cover it with as much magnetic soil as possible. After you do that, you have to dunk or shoot the magnetic ball in the basket. When the ball goes into the basketball hoop, the magnetic soil falls of into a bucket below the hoop. Whichever team fills their bucket first wins the game. The other team could steal your ball. The players wear golden astronaut suits to reflect the sun. The magnetic ball could also collect dust so the players could see.

I came up with this idea by thinking of a basketball and a magnet fused together. As I watched the video I found out that the soil was magnetic. I also wanted to use the gravity for making baskets, magnetic soil, and UV raise.

(Tyrone will visit the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.)

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eps from
May 2, 2010
at 1:34 am

Congrats to you, Tyrone! That’s a brilliant idea!

K.B. from IN
November 11, 2010
at 8:43 am

Thats a really cool idea!! How do you think of this stuff to post and draw??