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May 26th, 2010

The Smithsonian Marine Station!!

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

Wow! About a week ago Mason and i went on a great adventure at the Smithsonian Marine Station in Ft.Pierce, Fl.  We met up with Sherry Reed. Sherry is a diving safety officer and assistant researcher. After being with her and learning about her job i think that Sherry has one of the best jobs!! (Can you believe how any times i have said that someone i met has one of the best jobs? :)

  While working with Sherry we were looking at samples in the lab, touched differnet marine animals,  lifted up panels to see how much barnacles and things have gotten on it, and talked a little bit about coral reefs!!

SAMPLES IN THE LAB!!                  In the lab we were looking at differnet samples of sediment in the microscopes such as before and after hurricanes,  also before and after a place has been dredged. It is amazing what a microscope can show you. Especially the microscope we were using!!

MARINE ANIMALS!!                  My favorite was the sea slug. To me it looks like a small black baby planket. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo? Well, do you remember the shrimp that cleaned Nemo when he arrived in the Dentists office? FYI  he is REAL! :) I got my finger cleaned by him, not eactly him but another one of his family memebers! It tickles….

BARNACLES ON PANELS!!           We also went to the dock to look at panels to see if any barnacles have come onto it. There are differnt amounts of black or silver paint to see which paint from boats attracts barnacles…

So, thats what we did! Thank you for reading and we will update you on some more things soon!!


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Samia B. Freeman from
June 2, 2010
at 11:02 am

i wish i could enter 1 of the contests that you guys are doing too. cause, im in 6th grade too and im soo in to science but the only problem is that im living in saudi araibia but, im from the u.s. well good luck to you!