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March 29th, 2010

Team Marine Bustologists

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

How did you come up with your entry?
We learned how coral reefs are dying.  There are reefs near where we live. We wondered if you could find out who has been dumping sand and dredging  that could be smothering the reefs.  It’s detective science.

Favorite sports – golf

Advice to kids entering next year’s challenge?
Try to find something unique that you feel strongly about.

Our Award-winning idea: Coral reefs are being killed by the sand and silt from dredging operations. The mystery is “who is killing the coral reefs in Florida?” To catch the culprits we will take the samples of sediment that has been dumped on/around the coral. Also, take samples of past dredging areas and compare/match them. Using the samples of sediment we will trace the area it came from, and research and find out what dredging companies were used in that specific place. Using that information we will go from there.
We have found out that killing coral is illegal. We would like to catch whatever company is dumping wastes/sediment, from dredging, on coral instead of going farther out where they are supposed to go. I hope they know that killing 1 coral is killing over 39 organisms that live in and around it.

(Caitlyn and Mason will visit Syracuse University in New York and Pali Adventure Camp)

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SGMSPer2 from
April 16, 2010
at 6:47 am

Mrs. Sleeper’s second period class congratulates you both! Hope you have a great trip. Be safe and learn a lot! Have fun being real scientists. Keep us posted on your research.

SGMSPer5 from
April 16, 2010
at 9:36 am

Good luck! Do you get to use real blood for your investigation? Don’t forget to wear goggles! Take pictures!

SGMSPer6 from
April 16, 2010
at 10:27 am

Hi! Good luck on your trip to New York. Take pictures of the bones! Take pictures of the scientists. Be safe! Peace!

SGMSPer7 from
April 16, 2010
at 11:20 am

Hope you have fun on your trip to New York. Learn a lot. Be careful in the firearms lab! Take lots of pictures! You are awesome!!!!!!

B.B from
April 16, 2010
at 2:39 pm

Good luck guys, have fun and take lots of pictures to share at school. And P.S. I hope you find your culprits!

TJ from
April 19, 2010
at 2:36 am

How exciting! We are so proud of you both!! Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about your trip.

Mrs. S. - SGMS from
April 19, 2010
at 5:31 am

Wow! I checked out your itinerary this morning, and I am so excited for you. You have a wonderful and unique opportunity. Enjoy!

syg from
April 19, 2010
at 6:12 am

We are so proud of you here at Storm Grove Middle School! Have a great trip enjoy every moment -Go Sting Rays!!!!
With Love -Mrs.Groody,Mrs.Verderber,Mrs.Fleckenstein , Mrs .Emard,Mrs.Darrisaw