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June 28th, 2010

Oil Spill!

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

As many of you know, the oil is spreading  all over.  We would love for you to send in some ideas to help stop the oil from spreading.

Many people are out of jobs because of it, many sea creatures and the population in the ocean are being affected. It is brutually harming the enviroment like sea gulls and CORAL REEFS. As i have said before, it takes many, many, many years for a coral reef to grow. Also, many creatures eat and  live in and around the coral reef. Coral reefs are an important part of the food chain!

If you have any questions or comments please send i in the comment box!

Thank you,

Caitlyn Taylor

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M.S. from
June 29, 2010
at 6:44 pm

Could we use straw and hay to soak up the oil? The oil sticks to it! It would be a “green” solution.

KSC Staff from
June 30, 2010
at 7:10 am

Great Idea! And a lot more harvestable than hair. Does straw/hay soak up oil? Can it be tested? What do you think the consequences might be of spreading lots of hay in the Gulf waters? Those are the questions that scientists and engineers might ask if they wanted to try your suggestion.


Caitlyn Taylor from
July 5, 2010
at 2:18 pm

Yes, that is a very good idea! I have heard people talking about that and i think they should use it to help soak up the oil. Thank you, M.S.