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May 12th, 2010

Giraffes, Rhinos and Catfish. Oh, my!

Olivia Smith Donovan, Bio-Inspired Designs Winner

The Wild Animal Park was awesome.  We had a safari right through the habitats where we got to feed leaves to the giraffes.  For each foot tall they are, their tongues are an inch so they can reach leaves in trees.  And the tongues are dark so they don’t get sunburnt.  (We just put on sunblock because it was so sunny.)  We also got to see 2 types of rhinos up close although they were resting because they sleep in.

They also had a pond with food you could buy for the ducks.  But whenever people tried to feed the ducks, large mouths with whiskers would come out of the water to scoop up the pellets.  Usually with animal adaptation we mean how their bodies have changed but here catfish changed their behavior like humans in order to get food.  It must be working because they were each 2 ft long!  I know people don’t come to San Diego to look at catfish but I found them pretty interesting and we watched them for a long time.

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MOM from
May 14, 2010
at 5:42 pm

Is a giraffe’s tongue smooth like a humans, prickly like a cat, or sticky like a chameleon?