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April 20th, 2010

Back from Syracuse University!

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

It has been a very long, but exciting day. Everyone had fun!! Syracuse University is great! I love being here; there is so much to do. First, our tour guide, Kate, took us around and showed us the campus. It is a very nice and comforting campus!! I liked the art that was around the school. Kate showed us this building on the campus that has columns outside. You can go between two of the columns, jump flat fotted, and then you could hear a really vibration since it was so tall. FUN! We also had an interview type thing with Mo Lupia (forensic investigator) and David Tate (Latent print, dealing w/ fingerprints). It was very interesting for them to give us information about there job and especially how its not like the way the show it on television. After that we met Meredith Ellis, an anthropology PhD. candidate. She deals will bones, child remains. It is very interesting and an exciting job!! It was cool how we got to hold real human bones that were donated to science. Also it is cool how you can tell the approximate age of a person, weight, height, gender, maybe where there ancestors are from, if they had a disease and what kind of disease. It was AMAZING! The last thing we did was met up with James Spencer, an associate dean for science and  mathematics. He showed us an experiment where you pour liquid nitrogen (-480 degrees farenheit) in a container like, then put air in gloves, tie a knot in the gloves, put the gloves in the liquid nitrogen for a little, take it out, and then you can break it because of how cold it is.

I had an extroadinary time!!

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OAA from
April 20, 2010
at 5:38 pm

man i wish i could be with you

anthony musto from
April 21, 2010
at 4:58 am

well it seems you guys have been busy any news on the REAL case that you guys get to solve