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June 6th, 2009

Thanks Professor Schmitt

Lindsay Carnes, Skateboard Project Winner

Today my class made skateboards that Create A Skate gave us. We sanded, and sanded, and sanded. We put finish on them. They look great and next we get to decorate them. The class has learned about skateboards, the math to build them, and about wood strength. You should ask your school if you can do the Create A Skate program. It is great fun and didn’t seem like school at all.

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mkk from
June 13, 2009
at 12:02 pm

Hi! I think that’s a great idea that kids get to build their own skateboards and another thing, I look just like you! It’s freaky yet scary. We read about you in the Time for Kids, Lindsay. It’s also scary that I’m in fifth grade [now its summer vacation], I’m ten [turning 11 in 30 days] and like skateboards! My science teacher had a nervous breakdown when she saw the photo of you, Lindsay. I’m freaked too. Now people at school say that you’re my long lost twin or something but i already have 3. Please read this! We’re on the edge of something big here!