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May 25th, 2009

Plant Study of Turf and Grass Water

Claire Dworsky, Water Quality Project Winner

As part of my study of runoff water from both synthetic turf and grass soccer fields I began a plant study about 10 weeks ago. First I soaked peat growing medium in water I took from an artificial turf soccer field. I soaked two other peat tubes in water from a grass soccer field, and the third in tap water. Then I planted carrot seeds in each.

The seeds germinated and grew stems, and when the secondary leaves came out I took a few seedling and potted them into small peat pots with potting soil. I water each plant every day with the water from its type of field, or tap water. Today I saw that the roots were coming through the bottom of some of the peat pots, so I repotted them into bigger clay pots. My mom bought a grow light for them, so the seedlings can get enough light to grow into plants that make carrots.

Once the plants are full-grown I want to take them to Dr. Adina’s lab so she can help me to examine them and see how they may have grown differently because of the water used to grow them. The grass-water plant isn’t growing as well as the tap water plant or the turf water plants right now, so I’m asking him to try harder!

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