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December 6th, 2010

Have a KSC Party!

If you want to get your class, after-school group or simply your child and a few friends to work on a KSC entry but do not know where to start have a KSC party. Make it a fun afternoon of science games and activities.

To get started the facilitator should review all the tools on this website so that you understand how to use them with the students. And purchase any materials needed for the science activity.

To begin the event hook your computer up to your TV or another big screen so that the whole gang can start by reviewing the videos and themes together. If you do not have access to a big screen your computer will work too.KSC Party

Next, plan an hour for “research” – allowing each student to play the games on the KSC website. If you have a big group allow one person to play while the other students watch the outcome. While some students are playing games others can do one of the hands-on activities at another table. This is a time for students to experiment with the activities and try them on their own.

After everyone has had time to play games and to do 1-2 activities that interest them take break. Provide a snack, let the kids run around outside for a bit or just to play and be silly. This allows them time to absorb the information they have just been discussing and focus better when they reassemble.

When reassembled give each student pad and paper. Use your computer and big screen to go through the brainstorming page and allow the group to ask questions. When you are done reviewing the brainstorming page each student should begin to think about their own entry (individual or team). Continue to allow them access to the computer so that they may revisit a game or fact. Give them time to complete an outline for an entry or the entry itself. Do not forget to create a drawing, which is optional, but a fun way for the student to express their idea! Be sure not to rush the students. If they do not have time to complete the entry during this session create a follow-up plan. Science is trial and error so give them the space to dream up big ideas.

Teachers, parents and mentors are the driving force in motivating and exciting kids about learning. We hope that you will be encouraged by the excitement the students will have as they begin to experience how much fun science can be. And to see that science is part of all that they do.

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