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May 1st, 2011

Magical Microbes Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Sona Dolasia for winning the Grand Prize for her entry in the Kids’ Science Challenge Magical Microbes category. Here’s her entry:

“One of major problems these days is that there is not enough fresh water in the world. Today we use desalination in some pats of the world to solve this problem, but it is super expensive and takes a long time. My idea of using a microbe called lithotrophs may not only work faster but it would also be cheaper, so every one could afford it. Lithotrophs are microbes that can eat the salts in stones and rocks. If we could modify these just like how scientists modified bactria to make ‘bacafilla’ (the new cement glue) to eat salts in the ocean instead. It may work. However, since we don’t know if they are harmful to humans we would need to test them, and if they are maybe find a way to either extract them or modify them to self destruct after their job is done. I would love to work with a scientist regarding this problem.”

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CP from California
May 2, 2011
at 11:31 am

Congratulations Sona!!!!

What a terrific concept! We need people like you to help make our world a better place!

Keep thinking!


Deb M. from CA
May 2, 2011
at 11:45 am

Great idea Sona! And congratulations!

ek from ca
May 6, 2011
at 12:47 pm

Wow! Congratulations, Sona! You rock:)

I am proud of you!

This blog is going to be awesome. Let’s get all of Science 6 involved, okay?

Ms Kaplan

eb from Calif
May 11, 2011
at 4:11 pm

Congrats!!!!! I hope you have fun

-EGirl in Science

Felix Slothower from CA
May 12, 2011
at 3:51 pm

Steller thing u got going on there I really like it

MS from California
May 12, 2011
at 3:52 pm

awesome idea. I hope it works well

KS from California
May 12, 2011
at 9:35 pm

Congrats! I bet ur gonna hav a ton of fun working on this! (wink, wink) :P haha, hav fun :)

GFDL from California
May 13, 2011
at 8:12 am

Lithotrophs work at a semi-slow pace, so there would have to be many vats of water waiting to be induced with them. But my point is that how long will it take for a group of lithotrophs to eat through a piece of silt or sand?

I.A. from California
May 14, 2011
at 11:55 am

Hi Sona!
Ireally like your idea of the lithotripes. Where did you come p with it?
Keep working! You are an awesome scientist!
Good luck!

-Isabel a.

PK from Ca
May 15, 2011
at 3:45 pm

Wow, terrific idea. I still cannot believe that someone form our school would win something great like this. Fantastic job.

~Patrick K.

MvB from CA
May 16, 2011
at 7:31 am

Can lithotrophs really make the water cleaner? If so,
somebody should have thought of that sooner. Great idea!