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May 2nd, 2011

Hello America

Hi! I’m Merrie. I’m the Sensational Sounds winner and I’m meeting with Bart Hopkin in a week. I have many questions for him but I was wondering if you could send me your questions about sound and music. Icould ask him the questions then post the answers on my blog posts. I am leaving Williamstown, MA on Friday and you can  check back each day to catch my next posts. i\If you are reading this I’ll miss you Williamstown! Bye! Thank you!

May 1st, 2011

Sensational Sounds Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Merrie Benjamin for winning the Grand Prize for her entry in the Kids’ Science Challenge Sensational Sounds category. Here’s her entry:

My musical instrument is called the water spritz. It is a group of spritz bottles full of water. If you pull the handle which makes the water come out, the water is sprayed into a cup. Depending on what the cup is made of , it will make a different sound. It doesn’t make the sound if the cup already has water in it. The necessary vibration to make the sound never vibrates if it’s full of water. So I decided to put tubes which lead back into the spritz bottle. The sound is always clear and you never run out of water. The vibration in the water hitting the cup makes the sound. This instrument is also good because recycled bottles make it work, so you don’t throw away the bottles, but instead make a cool instrument. Everything is connected by metal planks.”