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June 28th, 2010

Oil Spill!

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

As many of you know, the oil is spreading  all over.  We would love for you to send in some ideas to help stop the oil from spreading.

Many people are out of jobs because of it, many sea creatures and the population in the ocean are being affected. It is brutually harming the enviroment like sea gulls and CORAL REEFS. As i have said before, it takes many, many, many years for a coral reef to grow. Also, many creatures eat and  live in and around the coral reef. Coral reefs are an important part of the food chain!

If you have any questions or comments please send i in the comment box!

Thank you,

Caitlyn Taylor

May 26th, 2010

The Smithsonian Marine Station!!

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

Wow! About a week ago Mason and i went on a great adventure at the Smithsonian Marine Station in Ft.Pierce, Fl.  We met up with Sherry Reed. Sherry is a diving safety officer and assistant researcher. After being with her and learning about her job i think that Sherry has one of the best jobs!! (Can you believe how any times i have said that someone i met has one of the best jobs? :)

  While working with Sherry we were looking at samples in the lab, touched differnet marine animals,  lifted up panels to see how much barnacles and things have gotten on it, and talked a little bit about coral reefs!!

SAMPLES IN THE LAB!!                  In the lab we were looking at differnet samples of sediment in the microscopes such as before and after hurricanes,  also before and after a place has been dredged. It is amazing what a microscope can show you. Especially the microscope we were using!!

MARINE ANIMALS!!                  My favorite was the sea slug. To me it looks like a small black baby planket. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo? Well, do you remember the shrimp that cleaned Nemo when he arrived in the Dentists office? FYI  he is REAL! :) I got my finger cleaned by him, not eactly him but another one of his family memebers! It tickles….

BARNACLES ON PANELS!!           We also went to the dock to look at panels to see if any barnacles have come onto it. There are differnt amounts of black or silver paint to see which paint from boats attracts barnacles…

So, thats what we did! Thank you for reading and we will update you on some more things soon!!


May 26th, 2010

Smithsonian Marine Station

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

About a week ago Caitlyn and I went to the Smithsonian Marine Station down in Fort Pierce, Florida. We met up with a research scientist Sherry Reed. She is also a dive safety officer. She does experiments for people in other states that can’t do the experiments they want to. We had fun with seeing what she does about every day. She is working on a experiment testing what paint that goes on boats has more barnicles on them.

In the lab we got to look at sedament from after a hurrcane. And sedament at a dreged area. What we were looking for was forums. We looked at the sedament under a electronic mycroscope that was so 3D it was amazing! The part that was the best was that we were able to touch many different marine animals. My favorite animal that we touched was a lobster.

April 23rd, 2010

Last day to work with scientist in NY…

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

I am sorry that i did not tell you about all the things we did Wednesday,April  21. So here is what we did.

For the first part of the morning and some of the afternoon we were with Don Siegel. He is very kind and interesting. Did you know that he made a cookbook? It is very cool. First we went to the field at the 9 mile creek. We took some samples in 2 different places. We were trying to find out what and if the creek was being contaminated by salt. Oh, by the way, the nine mile creek is actually nine miles!! :) Anyway, so we did that and then went to the lab to do some more test with Don and a man named Mario. It was fun… After that we went and got lunch. There lunches are very good at the college, especially the smoothies!!

Finally, after do all those things, we met a lady name Anita. It was fun! We learned things about blood spatter and fingerprints. It was exciting to use the kit for DNA. It was like the kind of kit you see on CSI shows. We also did some activities with DNA and FAKE blood.

SO, as you can seethat being in New YOrk was a lot of fun and also gave us a great learning background on things we never thought we would be able to see, feel, or be in the same room with in ouife time. I am urging kids to enter this contest every year depending on the school grade range. Thank you!!

April 22nd, 2010

Going back home… 8:15 AM

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

I am at the airport waiting to board. We are going back to Vero Beach, FL. I’m always happy to go home but i wish that i could spend some more time at Syracuse University! We have had such a great experience in New York, meeting different scientists and investigators. So.. i have to go because we are boarding but i will write back in a little. :)

April 21st, 2010

Lunch time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

Just got back with the results. First did field work was FUN!!!!! Ordering lunch sounds good. I want to stay here it is so nice.

April 21st, 2010

After breakfast!!

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

I am so tired and feel like some coffeee, even though i dont like coffee. My eyes are about to close. I think eating the breakfast helped wake me up a little bit. So, let me fill you in a little bit about what we are doing today. We are going to do some field work and go to the lab. When we get back i will fill you in, so keep checking!! I am ecstatic to work in the field and especially in the lab!

April 21st, 2010

Tired!!!! But moving on!!!!

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

Just got back from breakfast with Jim M. So tired but got to go to the university in alittle bit. That will problebly wake me up. In my room.

April 20th, 2010

Back from Syracuse University!

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

It has been a very long, but exciting day. Everyone had fun!! Syracuse University is great! I love being here; there is so much to do. First, our tour guide, Kate, took us around and showed us the campus. It is a very nice and comforting campus!! I liked the art that was around the school. Kate showed us this building on the campus that has columns outside. You can go between two of the columns, jump flat fotted, and then you could hear a really vibration since it was so tall. FUN! We also had an interview type thing with Mo Lupia (forensic investigator) and David Tate (Latent print, dealing w/ fingerprints). It was very interesting for them to give us information about there job and especially how its not like the way the show it on television. After that we met Meredith Ellis, an anthropology PhD. candidate. She deals will bones, child remains. It is very interesting and an exciting job!! It was cool how we got to hold real human bones that were donated to science. Also it is cool how you can tell the approximate age of a person, weight, height, gender, maybe where there ancestors are from, if they had a disease and what kind of disease. It was AMAZING! The last thing we did was met up with James Spencer, an associate dean for science and  mathematics. He showed us an experiment where you pour liquid nitrogen (-480 degrees farenheit) in a container like, then put air in gloves, tie a knot in the gloves, put the gloves in the liquid nitrogen for a little, take it out, and then you can break it because of how cold it is.

I had an extroadinary time!!

April 20th, 2010

Back and Tired.

Caitlyn Taylor and Mason Wonka, Detective Science Winners

Just got back from the college. It was so nice but i am so tired!!!!! About to go eat dinner.