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June 5th, 2012

Kids’ Choice Awards

Each year the Kids’ Science Challenge receives many creative, unique and well thought out drawings. These drawings convey some great ideas. Our judges have selected their favorite drawings. And they are here for you! But we want to know what you think. Vote for your favorite. The student whose drawing receives the most votes wins prize! Vote now!

May 4th, 2012

Meals on Mars Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Pickled Cucumbers (Isabella St. Onge and Carlisle Patete) for winning the Grand Prize for their entry in the Kids’ Science Challenge Animal Smarts category. Here’s their entry:

“Our idea is that if you build a capsule-shaped ship, that spins, it would create gravity using centrifugal force. You could then be able to grow plants normally, without genetic engineering. You could also put animals in the ship, such as jackrabbits and worms. You would put clay and dirt, on the inside edge, then plant vegetables in the ground. There would be a donut-shaped water tank in the center, that would be long, and tall enough that the astronauts would be able to eat and sleep in it. The water would also create a shield from ultra violet storms. There would be solar panels on the outer rim of the ship, so that LED lights would be able to be powered to provide light for the plants. Since the rabbit reproduce so quickly, they would serve as food and their waste would create extremely fertilized soil. Some of the vegetables on the ship could be cucumbers, corn, and sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are great because you can eat every part of them. The corn can be harvested normally, and would be good to feed the rabbits. The cucumbers would be a fine idea to bring along because you can eat them as a raw snack and can preserve them by turning them into pickles, using brine. These vegetables can be stored in a storage tank, in the back of the ship. It would have an extra layer of clay to protect the food from UV rays. A smaller ship would be in the storage, so that when the astronauts get to Mars, they can send it out to find a safe place to land. It would have a drill on it, so it could explore the Red Planet.

We came up with this idea when we researched centrifugal force, and what plants are best for space. Origanally we were going to design powdered beverages, but it wasn’t what we bargained for, so Isabella asked her parents if there was a way to make gravity in space. They told her about centrifugal force. She has had rabbits before and knew how good for space they would be. I love worms and researched about how they fertalize the dirt. The space ship was first designed with a drill on it, but that had more than a few problems, so we made a smaller ship to survey Mars’ terrain. We remembered that NASA is looking for a new ship idea, so we decided to make the ships capsule-shaped, instead of the retired shuttle.”

See where Isabella and Carlisle traveled, in order to work with scientists to carry out his experiment!

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May 4th, 2012

Zero Waste Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Joshua Yi for winning the Grand Prize for his entry in the Kids’ Science Challenge Animal Smarts category. Here’s his entry:

“No More Trash but a Package of Fun.

Every Christmas my sister and I receive lots of presents, but we throw away most of the packages that are not necessarily good to the environment. When I found out about the Kids Science Challenge, I decided to pick Zero Waste because I wanted toy packages to be a fun part of the toy and will not be instantly disposed to the environment.

After I saw all the videos and pictures on the Science Challenge Website and discussed with my friends, I came up with two ideas. But the first one did not work well. The second idea called “no more trash, but a package of fun” converts the toy package into a fun, integrated, part of the toy, It not only protects the environment by saving packages, but also adds a lot of fun to children.

I hope this Christmas my sister and I will receive toys with packages using my idea.”

See where Joshua traveled, in order to work with scientists to carry out his experiment!

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May 4th, 2012

Animal Smarts Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Mason Ganoung for winning the Grand Prize for his entry in the Kids’ Science Challenge Animal Smarts category. Here’s his entry:

“A bird feeder that requires 2 birds to work as a team to access food.

I reviewed the KSC website. Then, I thought of animals working together. Next, I thought about raccoons and skunks, but they don’t hang together.”

See where Mason traveled, in order to work with scientists to carry out his experiment!

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May 2nd, 2012

KSC Year 4 Winners Announced!

One of elements that makes the Kids’ Science Challenge so unique is the grand-prize!  The winning student(s) in each topic wins the opportunity to travel to work side-by-side one of the KSC scientists.  Together the student and scientist work to bring the winning idea to life.  This year is no exception.  Joshua Yi will be heading to NYC where he is going to build his winning idea for Zero Waste.  His day will begin at Caraustar where he will use computer technology to design the package specifics and see the machinery cut it out, and his day will end at Design and Source working with Laura Tufariello on the design specifics.  And he gets free time to explore New York City and visit some cool places – like the Intrepid!  Carlisle Patete and Isabella St.Onge will be traveling to Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX to work with Michele Perchonok and Vickie Kloeris who create meals for astronauts.  There they will have the chance to discuss their entry and simulate their idea (their idea coming to life would mean a trip to Mars, too bad that cannot be done!).  And see some very cool places at NASA like Mission Control!  Mason Ganoung will be heading to Portland, Oregon where he will work with Dr. David Shepherdson at the Portland Zoo to see test his idea about birds working together.  And he gets the chance to visit Mt Saint Helens!!  The students will be writing about their trips and posting on this blog.  Check back in the coming weeks to hear more and see photos of their experience.  If you want to know more about their winning idea click here.

March 27th, 2012

KSC Announces Final Teacher Winners!

Pamela Parks of Oglethorpe County Elementary in Lexington, Georgia. and Mark Judkins of Skillin Elementary School in South Portland, Maine have the remaining two gardens from Naturalyards. Pam won for submitting over 90 entries and Mark was the name chosen at random from the teachers who submitted more than 5 entries. Naturalyards will be working with these teachers on everything from building to planting their garden. The students will get to help with planting and assembly, and tending to the garden for years to come. We can’t wait to see pictures of these gardens in the coming months!!

February 29th, 2012

The 2011-12 Kids’ Science Challenge is now closed for entries.

The 2011-12 Kids’ Science Challenge is now closed for entries. The judges are eagerly reading all entries and the winners will be announced, on the KSC website, on May 2, 2012. The winners will then set-off to work with a KSC scientist to see their entry idea become a reality, and blog about their experience right here!Missed the deadline? Don’t worry there is always next year if you still in grades 3-6. Follow us on Facebook to get up to the minute updates or sign up for the KSC mailing list. Just because the contest is closed does not mean you should stop visiting the KSC site. You can continue to enjoy all the games and activities all year round. Stay tuned because you never know when we will introduce something new!

January 31st, 2012

1st Naturalyards School Garden Kit Winner!

Dave Clark, a 6th grade teacher at Wilbur Middle School, in Wichita, KS encouraged his students to enter the 4th annual Kids’ Science Challenge. He submitted 116 entries by the January 15th deadline. Making Mr. Clark the winner of the first of 3 gardens for his school. Wilbur Middle School will receive a $3,500 gift certificate to use towards a Naturalyards school garden kit. From planning to planting, Naturalyards will assist the winning schools in building the school gardens of their dreams. One exciting aspect of the Naturalyards gardens is that even younger students can help with the assembly.

Two additional teachers will win a prize from Naturalyards at a later date. So collect your entries and get them in the mail by the February 29, 2012 deadline!!

December 8th, 2011

The Crow Creativity Activity

The Kids’ Science Challenge continues to bring creative thinking to kids nationwide.  Check out these imaginative kids in Virginia Beach, VA.  Their teacher, Pam Northam, modified the Crow Creativity Activity by using materials found in their science lab such as the Erlenmeyer flask instead of a clear tube, and attached candy to a loop of tape instead of a basket (since the neck was too small). Students were given the opportunity to chose everyday objects to use, and no instruction other than to get the candy out without lifting the flask. You can see from the photos what a great time they had with this activity.  They also watched the video clip research with the actual crows, and we did some comparative anatomy with human and bird brains.  What are you doing with your students to learn more about the KSC topics?

September 1st, 2011

Year 4 of the KSC!

Kids' Science Challenge

The new Kids Science Challenge is coming up fast. After the great ideas we got last year, I can’t wait to see what the kids will come up with this year. The competition will open for entries on October 1, and all entries must be received by February 29, 2012. Check back regularly many new videos, lesson plans and hands-on activities coming to the KSC site throughout September.